Winter tips:

  • Winter tires are have a dramatic advantage in low temperatures.  So don’t think of winter’s just for snow but also that the traction based on wet and cold make a big difference.  In addition think that over the life span of your car you would most likely use more than one set of tires anyways, so why not just have the right ones for the right season and increase your safety by a large margin.
  • Consider a small winter ready maintenance before the weather turns.  Include good new wipers and a check on all fluids as well as tires and oil.  Winter is not the time that is really exciting at the side of the 403 or QEW in rush hour….there really are much better things to do :)

Service tips:

  • review your maintenance interval and stick to it.  Yes, it seems like you are spending money when all is still working but it keeps everything running smoothly and reduces wear and tear.  In companies from small to large entire systems are set up to ensure preventive maintenance for their machinery is done in a orderly fashion as it has been clearly justified as the more cost effective way to operate. The same counts for us as users of our automobile.

Summer tips:

  • Ensure proper tire pressure as this is not just increasing your tire life but also your safety.
  • Ensure you did you oil changes on time.  When oil gets very hot in the summer it looses some of its protective properties and increases wear and tear on the engine.


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